Special Orders

Looking for something specific for a special occasion? Interested in having a special unique product that's all your own? You've come to the right place!

We can accept special orders on all of our products. Soaps, sugar scrubs, body butters, lip products you name it we can customize it.

We can customize colors and scents for a formula we already have or we can work together to formulate one to meet your unique needs. We can change the oil selection, the milk used, the colors and the scent. The sky's the limit!

We've made soaps for everything from Bridal Showers to a custom "Loaf" which is 10 bars, for a customer who has allergies to some of the oils traditionally used in handmade soaps.

The process is pretty simple, just contact us or PM on Facebook and we'll work together to figure it out from there.

We also offer special pricing for special orders*, but we'll get into all that while we're making all the important decisions.

*Minimum purchase required